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Make short work of creating your NFL DFS lineups with our NFL cheat sheets for FanDuel, DraftKings and FantasyDraft. Don't waste time on research, let us do it for you!


The NFL Weekly Cheat Sheet combines the best players that you should be looking at in a simple location that is easy to understand.

To find undervalued players (good plays for the day), look for favorable $/pt per game along with favorable average fantasy points over the last four games (as indicated by green color coding).


  • = exceeds CASH VALUE (average value required to cash in a GPP)
  • = levels CASH VALUE (average value required to cash in a GPP)
  • = below CASH VALUE (average value required to cash in a GPP)


Field Name Explanation
Time Game start time
Player Player's name
Team Player’s current team
Opp Player’s opponent team
Vegas Refers to the spread, money line, or over/under total of Vegas sportsbooks for a given game or slate of games. These are useful to determine likely game outcomes and make lineup decisions based off those outcomes.
Pos Current qualifying position of the player
Salary Salary of player for today
Proj Projected fantasy points
$/Pt Dollars per point; the number of dollars each projected point costs. For example, if a player is priced at $10,000 and is projected for 20 points, you would divide $10,000 by 20 to get $500/point. The lower this number, the better, as you want to pay the least amount of salary possible for each point.
PY/G Average passing yards per game
TD/G Average touchdowns scored per game
PY/Att Average passing yards per passing attempt
Rush/G Average rushing yards per game
Att/G Average rushing attempts per game
Adj YPA Adjusted yards per passing attempt
20+ Total number of plays going for 20 yards or more
Rec/G Average receptions per game
Adj Y/rec Adjusted receiving yards
Tar/G Average targets per game
Last 4 Games FPts Shows Date, Opponent, and fantasy points scored by the player for each of the last four games played by the player’s team. Color code signifies player made CASH VALUE based on player’s current salary for the day.